Dublin Organising Committee

Nigel Stevenson

Assistant Professor in Immunology and Director of the M.Sc. in Immunology, School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin.
Interests: Anti-viral and inflammatory responses during viral infection. Immune evasion mechanisms of HCV, HIV, HBV, SARS and MERS.

Mark Harris

Professor of Virology, University of Leeds and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of General Virology.
Research Interests: host-virus interactions, virus genome replication and assembly. Antiviral drug development. As well as hepatitis C virus, my laboratory works on alphaviruses and Ebolavirus.

Cliona O’Farrelly

Professor of Comparative Immunology, Trinity College Dublin.
She has a long-standing interest in liver immunology, HCV infection and resistance to viral infection.
She also has a major commitment to the public understanding of research and its potential to benefit society.

Colm Bergin

Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases, St. James’s Hospital/Trinity College Dublin and Director, Wellcome- HRB Clinical Research Facility, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin.
Interests: Inflammageing; HIV infection; vaccine intervention; host immune response to HIV, HCV;

John McLauchlan

Associate Director and Group Leader in the Viral Hepatitis Programme at the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. Co-chair of HCV Research UK and Co-convener of the HCV2007 Symposium in Glasgow.
Interests: Diversity and treatment of HCV infection; the determinants of the host response to virus infection.


Local Organising Committee:

  • Ellie Barnes, University of Oxford
  • Suzie Coughlan, National Virus Reference Laboratory, University College Dublin
  • Walter Cullen, University College Dublin
  • Cillian De Gascun, National Virus Reference Laboratory, University College Dublin
  • Lynn Dustin, University of Oxford
  • Liam Fanning, Molecular Virology Diagnostic & Research Laboratory, University College Cork
  • Eoin Feeney, St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin
  • Clair Gardiner, Trinity College Dublin
  • Stephen Griffin,  University of Leeds
  • Joe Grove, University College London
  • Diarmaid Houlihan, St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin
  • Will Irving, University of Nottingham
  • Samuel McConkey, Beaumont Hospital Dublin & Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Chris McCormick, University of Southampton
  • Cliona Ni Cheallaigh, St James’s Hospital, Dublin
  • Suzanne Norris, St James’s Hospital & Trinity College Dublin
  • Mairead O’Connor, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin
  • Brian O’Mahony, Irish Haemophilia Society
  • Mark Robinson, Trinity College Dublin
  • Alex Tarr, University of Nottingham
  • Emma Thomson, University of Glasgow


International Organising Committee

  • Barbara Rehermann, USA, Chair
  • Thomas F Baumert, France
  • Michael Beard, Australia
  • Mark Harris, UK
  • Georg Lauer, USA
  • Brett Lindenbach, USA
  • John McLauchlan, UK
  • Stephen J Polyak, USA
  • Naglaa Shoukry, Canada
  • Robert Thimme, Germany
  • Takaji Wakita, Japan

International Advisory Committee(IAC)

  • Sergio Abrignani
  • Ralf Bartenschlager
  • Raymond Chung
  • Michael Houghton
  • Daniel Lamarre
  • Stanley Lemon
  • Jake Liang
  • Yoshii Matsuura
  • Tatsuo Miyamura
  • Jean-Michel Pawlotsky
  • Charles Rice
  • Lorne Tyrrell
  • Chris Walker
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